About What’s Cool in Alaska

No matter how many episodes of Deadliest Catch or Ice Road Truckers the Discovery Channel dishes up, Alaska remains one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring places in the world. When people discover that I’m from Alaska, they either get a faraway look in their eye as they talk about a dream cruise among the whales and glaciers or they appear flummoxed, asking a series of painfully uninformed questions, including: Do you live in an igloo?, Do you know Sarah Palin?, and, my personal favorite, Do they use American dollars there?

Although best know for its natural beauty, crooked politicians, and the dynastic/Kardashian-esque Palin family, Alaska has so many fun and interesting quirks that make it one of the coolest places on earth. This blog focuses on the aspects of Alaska’s popular culture, style, and identity that make it truly unique.

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